UK General Election 2019


Good evening all –  welcome to Internation’s live blog coverage of this year’s landmark UK General Election 2019!

We’ll be online all night, sharing the latest updates, comments and analysis from across electionland – as well as reporting those all-important constituency results as they come through.

Will the Conservatives’ clear promise to “Get Brexit done” win over Leave voters and help them make gains in Labour’s much-discussed, historic “red wall” across the North of England?

Despite their slump in the opinion polls, will the Liberal Democrat “surge” materialise after all to challenge the Tories in remain-voting areas? 

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What about turnout – will the late surge of voter registrations after TV debates and celebrity endorsements translate into more people actually turning up to the ballot box? And if so, will it be – as Labour hope – a new wave of young voters falling in behind Jeremy Corbyn?

Perhaps most crucial of all: will tactical voting play a decisive part in the result? Several well-funded campaigns have spent the six-week election period pushing hard to convince opponents of Boris Johnson to set aside their party allegiance and vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Tories.

Aiming to swing just enough seats to stop Boris Johnson’s party reaching the magic number of 326, tactical voting has backing from celebs Hugh Grant and Rage Against The Machine – but will voters in these battleground constituencies actually lend their votes to rival parties in large enough numbers to make a difference?

We’ll be keeping an eye on all these questions and many more as we keep you updated throughout this long, winter election night – so get some hot (fairly traded) coffee and settle in! Welcome to the UK General Election 2019!

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