As vaccine rollouts began, it looked as though a summer holiday was in reach. However, in true COVID-19 fashion, these plans remain uncertain. 

The EU and the UK have been seriously considering the “vaccination passport” approach to ease travel restrictions. But, it’s unlikely that this policy will be adopted soon. There are rising concerns that this strategy does very little to prevent vaccine-resistant strains of the virus from being imported.

“Holiday plans remain speculative until the government’s Taskforce recommendations on April 12th are released”, David Child from travel agent, Thomas Cook explains. These will detail what restrictions will be in place for international travel.  

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Where can you go?

Whilst there is hope that the EU bloc will take a unified approach to accept tourists, some countries such as Greece and Cyprus have already announced that they will be accepting UK travellers over the summer. This is on the basis that those coming from the UK have been vaccinated or have COVID-19 antibodies.

Summer holiday destination. Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

Is it safe to book?

David explains that “the travel industry has recognised that the only way people are going to book is if they feel confident that they can get their money back”.

Several travel companies have introduced flexible booking policies. In many cases, the customer will receive a refund if the trip gets cancelled. Also, at no extra cost, the customer can change the dates of the holiday if they need to.

These flexible policies are specific to each travel agent, so check what you are entitled to accordingly.

Top Tip: 

“I would always recommend that as soon as you book your holiday, you book your travel insurance. The insurance protects you and your holiday”, David advises. 

Summer holiday plans seem up in the air at the moment. It’s advisable to follow the government’s current travel advice

Despite the current ban on non-essential travel, as some countries give the green light to UK tourists and with travel agents providing flexible booking, summer holidays this year shouldn’t be written off. We could be the ones up in the air before you know it.        

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