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London life post Covid-19 may never be the same

The pandemic of Covid-19 has turned bustling London in to a ghost town. The World Health Organisation announced Covid-19 as a pandemic on March 11th and since, the deadly virus has swept the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson’s government announced a nation-wide lock down following the threat of the virus on 24th March, 2020.

This lock down particularly was a turning point for London, the capital and financial hub of the United Kingdom, with a population of nearly 9 million people. The bustling city has been transformed in to a silent town, with Londoners being subjected to working from home, in self isolation.

Amna Ahmed, a former University of London student, currently self-isolating in Manchester, feels London will not be safe any time soon. She states “As a Londoner, I do not currently feel London will become safe anytime soon after the pandemic because it is so populated.”

Despite the pandemic changing life in London, Londoners such as Amna Ahmed still see it as home. Amna further explained “London will always be a place I would want to live in, I would possibly want to move back to London after things become better.”

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Evidently, the vibrancy and unique character of the stunning mega city will attract Londoners to either continue living life in London or moving back in the future. However, life in London, which is currently restricted due to government measures, means a possible economic shock.

Samuel Jack, a proprietary trader, living Mayfair, believes life after the pandemic will be a challenge. “I am planning to move to Russia, the bail outs mean London economy will take years to recover, it is a risk I cannot take.”

Clearly, London life after Covid-19 is a turning point for its inhabitants.

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