In recent months, Corona beer has become the butt of countless jokes. And inspired many a meme.

Brand names don’t always age well. Corona isn’t the first awkward case. The ISIS Enterprise in Oxford can vouch for that (naming a business after its local river seemed far from provocative at the time…)

Yet, aside from predictable jokes, has sharing a name with a deadly virus actually impacted sales of Corona beer? Initially, speculation about declining sales was dismissed. But now, Grupo Modelo – the beer’s brewer- has announced it is halting production. So what has really been going on?

Has Corona’s brand been tarnished?

In the US, distribution and marketing of Corona Beer is handled by Constellation Brands. The company has been quick to label rumours about Corona brand damage as “disinformation”. Sales of this beverage have been strong since January, it claims.Consumers understand there is no linkage between the virus and our business”.

But is that true of all consumers?

Not according to a recent survey. 5W Public Relations interviewed over 700 American beer drinkers. 16% said they ‘felt unsure’ whether Corona Beer was related to the Corona Virus!

And according to Google trends, in January 2020, ‘corona beer virus’ was searched 49,500 times.

But is this confusion responsible for the halt of production?

No! Production is stopping because the Mexican government has decided beer production is a ‘non-essential activity’. Alas, Corona breweries are forced to close, temporarily.

A wasted effort?

So Corona sales will suffer due to corona virus. But not because of its brand name. Or, at least, that’s not the reason for the pause in production. I suppose what this means is that, with sales set to decline anyway, we’ll never really know the exact damage (if any) caused by brand name alone.

But what we do know for sure is that (unless you’re swigging from other people’s bottles) you cannot catch Covid-19 from Corona! An obvious take-away message for many (but not everyone it seems..)

If you start to feel odd after one too many Coronas, you may well have contracted something. The medical term is ‘Veisalgia’. Otherwise known as… a hangover!

Drink at your peril……


Would you be any less likely to drink Corona now? Has Covid-19 shaped your views on Corona beer in any way? Comment your thoughts below!


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