Finsbury Park’s ‘Take One, Leave One‘ scheme has announced it will now be closing until next winter.

The scheme, which has stalls set-up in different campuses across the UK, helps get warm clothes to support rough sleepers. The concept is: ‘If you are cold, take an item of clothing. If you can help, leave one.’ 

Cues for were often bending around corners, while donations flew in thick-and-fast. Lizzy Dale, one of the lead organisers of the Finsbury Park scheme, described the previous 12 weeks as a perspective changing experience.

“Honestly, getting to know so many people in our local community has been so rewarding. When you see the same faces every weekend and find out you are the only person they’ve been able to socialise with for a number of days…it’s really been heart-warming and I think we’ve managed to help a number of people,” Lizzy told me.

The need to help rough sleepers is heightened by the impact of COVID restrictions. With this in mind, the scheme has been considered a major success this year.

One of the biggest surprises included a haul from Arsenal Football Club, who delivered spare training tops, jogging bottoms and coats. The scheme also received a shout-out on the local news station (see video below).

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