The first Italian centre for green building innovation has arrived. It is called EDERA. Like the Hedera helix, the evergreen plant known for its hardy nature and tendency to grow readily without human assistance. An ominuous name but with great ambitions, just like this new project recently launched in the city of Milan.

EDERA: New Solutions For A Zero Energy Retrofit

In collaboration with Energiesprong, an international initiative born in the Netherlands, EDERA aims at transforming neighbourhoods into more energy efficient communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while developing eco-friendly infrastructure innovations. The primary goal is to implement new solutions with a nearly zero energy retrofit. By doing this, housing companies will achieve a more inclusive and decarbonised construction.

“The housing industry is one part of the economy that hasn’t realised any significant jumps in efficiency since the 90’. So there’s a lot of room for improvement.”

Sébastien Delpont, Director of Energiesprong France, partner of the project
As part of the EU’s Renovation Wave Strategy, EDERA aims to support sustainable building.

Last year, the European Union announced the ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050 with the new Renovation Wave Strategy. Alongside this, the EU also declared its intentions to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. European construction companies need more that just a little push to reach these milestones.

The Climate Neutral Challenge Starts From The Foundations

Buildings in the EU account for 40 percent of energy consumption and 26 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why it is so important for project such as this one to step up and support builders in their common intent.

“This initiative demonstrates that sustainability is neither an indefinite theory, nor a constraint to bear. Sustainable building must be our normality and this represents a great opportunity for growth and well-being in the sector.”

Gabriele Buia, President of the National Builders Association

EDERA represents a starting point to help the buildings sector back on track to achieving net-zero carbon by 2050. The initiative will develop environmentally-friendly solutions while still being profitable and competitive, increasing green practices for a future full of opportunities.

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