Toxic Chemicals found everywhere and in everything generating a fertility crisis. 

Plastic containers, food wrapping and cleaning products are all part of our day to day life. But these products, contain PFA’s otherwise known as “forever chemicals” and are to blame for the decimation of human fertility. 

Dr Shanna Swan is an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Mount Sinai University in New York. She writes in her new book, that sperm counts have dropped 60% since 1973. Further stating that sperm counts could plummet to zero by 2045. Zero sperm coupled with the average woman in some parts of the world being less fertile than her grandmother was at 35 means no more reproduction and no more humans.

Swan’s research also shows that these chemicals are effecting penis size of newborn children. This is because PFA’s mimic Oestrogen disrupting the natural production of hormones in the human body. Researchers have linked this to interference in sexual development in infants and behaviours in adults. 

She further writes “the current state of reproductive affairs can’t continue without threatening human survival.”

Dr Swan’s study is one of many linking human created pollution to our demise. In the April 2021 issue of “Aquatic Toxicology”, Ford et al point to the link between fertility and water quality. 

Ford describes it as “the canary in the mine” stating that this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of fertility problems in male creatures both big and small. 

So, why is nothing being done? Laws and regulations on PFA’s vary from country to country. In the European Union and the USA, many phthalates are considered “reprotoxic” and have been limited. However, this doesn’t change the fact that chemicals are generating a fertility crisis in other parts of the world.

Dr Swan says she thinks we can turn things around. She says: “we have the ingenuity and the resources to do it. But we need a recognition of the problem and the will to change.”

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