Connecting with a mystery woman from the sixties was the last thing Georgie Williams expected when she went antique shopping. But through a handwritten cookbook from 1968 hidden in an old cabinet, that’s exactly what happened.

After the cabinet arrived at home, Georgie discovered the handwritten recipe book from the sixties, with a recipe in it for each day of the year.  

Starting the culinary adventure through the cookbook

After her discovery, it was a year and a half before Georgie embarked on the task of cooking each recipe. She started to document the process on her Instagram, Forgotten Delights.

“I’m massively into writing and history so the whole concept grew and grew. On each Instagram post, I incorporated the dates and started trying to paint a picture with the words about what was happening in England on that day.”

Connecting with a by-gone era

Georgie explained that with added context, each recipe became a social commentary of what was happening in 1968.

Through the cookbook, she now feels connected with the nameless author. Georgie’s culinary adventure has taken on investigative dimensions as she tries to track down the mystery woman who wrote the cookbook over 50 years ago.

“It’s nice to have something nourishing for the soul.”

“Anything that could be a lead, be that a name, phone number, location. I wrote them all down and worked through it. I noted area codes. If there was a name, I’d track down any family who may still be in the area. I’ve actually got quite far with it.”

The past year has proven tough for many. Lockdown has left us all feeling down and confined in our homes, but this cookbook has been a welcome distraction and escape for Georgie.

“It’s escapism into another era and I have a sense of purpose outside of my job. It’s nice to have something that’s nourishing for the soul.”

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