The streets of Shoreditch have been painted blue and yellow following the response of the street art community to the invasion of Ukraine. After a specially held convention, many pieces appeared around the London district. 

The response began at the “Blue and Yellow Jam” organised on March 6th. A group of local artists gathered at Allen Park to show support for Ukraine through their work. Since then, internationally recognized street artists joined the movement. ‘Only E1’ painted a picture of a young Ukranian girl on Brick Lane, while elsewhere Nathan Bowen created a stop war slogan in his trademark little monster style. 

Local graffiti writer Arbi has recently used a blue and yellow theme in his work. He felt “obliged” to incorporate the country, adding “sometimes an issue is so big you have to reference it.” 

Street artist Mariusz added: When these things happen in the world, people try to help in some way, to let the message flow… so [we]…use colours and this theme and … write down Ukranian things” 

Visiting art fans have voiced their support for the work. Many have come specially to Shoreditch to see it. Pamela said: I’ve seen a lot of the street artists capturing how they feel about the crisis and it’s wonderful. Another visitor, Agneshika   added: “I have lots of friends in Ukraine and they are happy when I am sending them these pictures.” 

The jam is the latest in a series of street art conventions held in Shoreditch to focus on global humanitarian issues. The most recent theme was “Free Palestine.” 

Shoreditch is internationally famous for street art. Many famous street artists, such as Banksy, have worked in the area.  It is one of the most popular areas for visitors to London. The district is recognised as one of the most popular places for tourists to visit.

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