With most the world in lockdown and under quarantine with no thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are left with more spare time than ever before in centuries. This makes it the best time possible to do the things you always wanted to do but never had the time to do so.Often times books are overlooked and left to dust on the shelves. However, this is no longer the case as people can do whatever they like nowadays (provided they remain indoors). What better way to relax and unwind than reading a book? This is mental stimulation of the best kind without draining your brain energy. This is not a period to let yourself go or waste time doing nothing productive. In fact, quiet the opposite. Sure, people are dying by the thousands everyday because of this disease but to every bad situation there is a silver lining as most optimists would agree. This quarantine is a blessing in disguise as it helps families reconnect with each other, lovers spend more time with each other and bookies to get back to their books. Books are what keep the world educated, be it in universities, libraries or simply from the comfort of one’s sofa.

Books are without doubt rather time consuming therefore why not dedicate some of this temporary free time to reading? Self-isolation can also mean self-love and mental stimulation is an act of self-love. We should all aim to come out of this lockdown brighter, wiser and maturer than before it began. Rest assured, many of you will miss lockdown soon after it ends because the period after this will be a very busy period for most in order to make up for lost time (and money). Our generations may never again experience such an abundance of time in our lifetimes therefore it is essential to feed the mind and not just the stomach.

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