crepe style pancakes for pancake day served with orange slices and whipped cream
Image: Unsplash I Monika Grabkowska

Pancakes, hotcakes, cakes of pan, crepes – whatever you call them, they are delicious and worthy of a holiday all their own – Pancake Day.

If you’re like me, your Tuesday morning may have been a little too crazy to take advantage of the excuse to whip up some pancakes before your weekday but getting home to find the treat trending all over my Instagram had me wondering – what is the deal with this holiday? And, more, importantly, it’s never too late to celebrate an important day like Pancake Day, right?

What is the deal with Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day)?

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated throughout the world on the day before Ash Wednesday, aka the beginning of Lent. Lent is the time period in Christianity before Easter when, traditionally, followers fast.

Historically, during Lent Christians were unable to use their eggs, milk, and butter. Shrove Tuesday allowed followers not to waste these goods and to feast before the long fast ahead.

Wait, there is more than one kind of pancake?

Americans style pancakes for pancake day served with butter and maple syrup
Image: Unsplash I Sorin Popa

The pancake takes many forms. Which takes the cake is of continuous ongoing debate?

(Case and point).

  • American pancakes are thicker than their English counterparts and have a ‘cakier’ texture thanks to a rising agent
    • Traditionally served with maple syrup & butter
  • English pancakes are thinner and don’t use a rising agent. This gives them a nice crispy edge and the handy quality of being ‘rollable’
    • Traditionally served with lemon & caster sugar

Just tell me how to make the bloody batter cakes!

There are many ways to tackle to these concoctions but click on the links below for a few drool-worthy suggestions to satisfy you post-Pancake Day blues.

Note on toppings: Spice up your Pancake Day by having fun with the traditional recipes. The possibilities are endless: bananas and blueberries, candied nuts, whipped cream, chocolate chips…

Classic English

Classic American

A Healthy and Scrumptious Twist

One banana and two eggs – that’s it! This quick and healthy recipe is a favourite nutritious enough to make everyday Pancake Day

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