quirky tourist spots

Apart from London’s well-known tourist spots, there are a few other unusual yet fascinating museums which lie camouflaged at street corners and within narrow cobblestone alleyways. These are some of the city’s hidden gems worth checking out, especially if you are into the quirkier side of things!

  1. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities
quirky tourist spots
Inside Viktor Wynd’s ‘Wunderkabinett’

Located on Mare street, this museum houses a collection of bizarre and seemingly insignificant treasures which caught the eye of its founder ‘Viktor Wynd’ during his journey across the globe.

Enjoy a stroll through this Wunderkabinett’  and treat your taste buds to some exotic food and absinthe at the Last Tuesday Society’s cocktail bar!

  1. Pollock’s Toy Museum
quirky tourist spots

Located on Scala Street, is a toy shop and museum designed during the1950s by Marguerite Fawdry which houses tin toys, dolls and teddy bears.

Scanning through each room will amaze you as you realise how jolly a life these kids lived, much unlike the geeky technology-obsessed kids you see these days…glued to their phones playing PUBG all day!

  1. The Clink Prison Museum
quirky tourist spots
Inside Clink Prison’s torture chamber

With a gruesome past involving death and bloodshed, this museum located on Clink Street takes you on a tour through an ancient prison and torture chamber.

Go ahead and put on that handcuff to experience what it feels like to be strapped to a wall!

  1. Old Operating Theatre Museum
quirky tourist spots
Inside the oldest operating theatre in Europe

Take a peek into the history of medicine at Europe’s oldest surviving surgical theatre.

Located in the attic of the 18th century church of the old St Thomas hospital, this museum will give you an idea of what surgery was like way before anaesthetics were invented!

  1. God’s Own Junkyard
quirky tourist spots
“Heavenly junk in a hell of a location”

Located in Walthamstow, this neon paradise is no doubt a feast to the eyes! Retro signs, religious statues and strip club slogans adorn the walls.

Treat yourself to some food and drinks at the Rolling Scones café and click selfies for your Instagram while walking through the fabulous maze of neon signs!

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