You’d bought the plane tickets. The Air B&B was booked. You’d even learnt some of the native langauge. And then…you had your Ireland trip cancelled.

It may be one of the luckiest countries on Earth, but nowhere is safe from the Coronavirus.  

Don’t panic though. Just because you’re a thousand miles away from the Emerald Isle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of its finest gems. 

Check out our best tips for bringing the Irish spirit into your own home. 


Stay Healthy  

  • Sample a taste of Ireland by whipping up some of its culinary delights. Traditional dishes include soda bread, leek and potato soup, and trifle. 
  • Sip on 7Up, tea and whiskey. Legend has it they treat and fend off sickness, but even if they don’t, they’re still delicious. The ultimate Holy Trinity. 


Stay Safe

  • For those unavoidable outdoor ventures, wrap up well. Why not snuggle up into the national flag – the colours of Irish pride may not protect you from the virus, but they’re sure to cheer you up. 
  • Make your own hand sanitizer. Alcohol is as common as water in most Irish households, so you don’t need to buy any special ingredients. 

Make your own hand sanitizer

Stay Sane 

  • Beat the boredom with some traditional Irish card games. Black Jack and 25 are two of the nation’s favourite ways to spend an evening cooped up inside. 
  • Watch online clips of the country’s most loved comedy, Father Ted. Trust us, it’s the only education you’ll ever need on the Catholic Church in Ireland. 

Stay Calm 

  • Listen to Enya. The soothing lyrics of Sail Away are enough to lull you back to a time when the word Corona was merely an order of a crisp lager. 
  • Check the weather to see when the next rainfall is. Then stand outside and let it pour down on you like you’re already on the Atlantic island. You might just be glad you had your Ireland trip cancelled.  


Stay PUT! 

  • No explanation needed.