Ways to cope with the desire to travel during lockdown

In case you are not familiar with the term, wanderlust is the intense and insatiable desire to travel the world. Those who suffer from wanderlust might experience anxiety and deep sadness from being stuck at home. Does this sound familiar? The so-called wanderlust may be a condition, perhaps incurable but possible to mitigate for a while. We explain how: 

A goal without a plan is just a wish  

Not being able to soar the skies towards some unknown destination might cause stress to those who suffer from wanderlust. The best cure is to start planning your next trip. Decide the destination, plan the itinerary and bookmark your favourite hotels. When the borders open again, you will be just one click away from packing your bags and heading out the door. 

The city is your oyster 

Staying at home feeling miserable because you are not flying towards some exotic destination won’t solve the problem. But turning your daily life into an adventure can help, and exploring your own city will make you feel like a proper tourist. Social media will be your best ally: look for hidden gems, capture the moment, and your usual Sunday walk can turn into the most fascinating expedition. 

Take the scenic route  

Don’t they say that difficult roads usually lead to the most beautiful destinations? You can try it in the big city! Taking the tube to work might be the most convenient option, but it’s also very boring. Trying another route, perhaps riding a bicycle, might change your experience completely. The destination will be the same, but the journey might be the best that happens that day. 

If after trying all of these, you still can’t quench your thirst to explore the world, perhaps you have the kind of wanderlust that cannot be mitigated, which makes you a real explorer. You will know that you have it if after reading this you have decided that it is the perfect time for a new adventure. 

How to overcome your wanderlust

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