The Stuttgart beer festival, also known as the Canstatter Wasen, is the second biggest beer festival in Germany after Munich during Oktoberfest season. Around four million people flock to the traditional festival each year to experience the lively atmosphere inside and outside the tents. But, in classic German style, there are rules to the fun.

  1. Before you go, become familiar with the lyrics in the music played at Oktoberfest. Considering that most of the songs repeat the same words over and over again, such as ‘Johnny Däpp’, this should be simple. Being able to sing the songs engages you with other Germans when you’re stomping around on the benches.
  2. Get suited and booted. Order yourself that Dirndl or pair of Lederhosen that you’ve always yearned for. Germans will be impressed you’ve made an effort to dress up for the occasion too. Top tip: Aldi sells quality costumes at a bargain price.
  3. Book a table. Standing in hour long queues is no fun, especially when you can see people having the time of their lives inside the tent. Reserving a place means that you can avoid the crowds, eat traditional German nosh and have a space to dance for the rest of the night.
  4. If the waitress/waiter carrying ten beers says move, move. They blow their whistle loud to alert people they’re coming through. You could be millimetres away from getting soaked by beer if you don’t make way for them.
  5. Plan toilet trips. All it takes is two beer steins for you to dash to the toilets and find a queue of fifty people. Despite it being a sociable experience, you don’t want to be missing out on clinking your drinks with randomers.


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