Covid-19 and travel

Covid-19 has severely impacted the tourism industry, and any holiday makers hopes of a sunny, or adventurous vacation for the foreseeable future looks extremely bleak.

The industry helps us explore our world, and helps us feel interconnected to so many around the world is facing its hardest time in history.

What does this mean for the tourism industry? And your hopes of exploring or learning more about some of the worlds greatest tourist attractions?




What’s the damage from Covid-19?

The epicentre of the virus China, has seen a sharp decline in tourism. According to statistics from the World Travel and Tourism Council, there has been a 25% reduction in tourism to the country.

Meanwhile, Europe has seen a financial loss of $552 billion altogether. While the United states, Canada and Mexico are expected to lose up $570 billion.


The financial impact of Covid-19 will be difficult for the travel industry to recover from, and it is predicted up to 75 million jobs will be lost as a consequence of these unprecedented events.


How to transport yourself virtually!

If you are still longing to explore the culture of some of your bucket list destinations while in lockdown, why not try a virtual reality (VR) travel experience! With some of the most popular cities and attractions available through VR, you can get ready for your next trip!



The Lourve, one of the world’s largest cultural museums is available via their website for a 360 tour! Where you can delve into some of the worlds greatest art.



The British Museum, one of the worlds most visited museums offers an abundance of history. They are now offering a VR experience of their popular exhibits online.

You can also have a 360 tour of London via 360 visit London tours. Check out the link!


New York

The city that never sleeps is still waiting for your visit, but in the meantime check out the VR experience of Central Park! You can have a 360 experience of the stunning park! This is available at the website


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