Startups are using TikTok as a way to promote their businesses. It has become one of the fastest-growing platforms where people can post up to minute-long videos which range from comedy sketches to dancing tutorials.

If you search for a #SmallBusiness, the app suggests that the hashtag reaches over 14b views. Small-business owners are using the opportunity to advertise their company by showcasing the behind the scenes of the making and packaging the products. 

One of them is Kelsey Notting, an Australian student and the owner of The Likes of Her. Notting launched her website in September where she promotes products made by women

TikTok: @thelikesofher

Notting says that without TikTok, her business wouldn’t be where it is now. “It is the sole reason why it is successful,” she says.

The idea of starting her own e-commerce platform came overnight as Notting has been passionate about women in business for a while. She created TikTok account as a side thing for the business and didn’t expect for her videos to become so popular. The second video after launch reached over 500k views.

“If I didn’t have that exposure, I wouldn’t be getting that many sales,” says Notting. “Especially during the pandemic, I have got nothing else but online to promote my business.”

On the same boat is Alisha Kalam. She is a London based owner of WeAreFamali, specialising in bespoke personalised frames. Kalam launched her business back in January but only a couple of months later she started making the frames she is mostly famous for.

TikTok: @wearefamalishop

Kalam posts videos of her making the products and says that “people like seeing how their products are made and the process is behind it”. One of her videos gained over 11m views which helped to grow a steady following on the platform where most of her customers come from.

“If it wasn’t for TikTok I wouldn’t have started this business. It wouldn’t have progressed to what it is now,” she says. “It would be so difficult to try to get your business out there without having social media.”

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