We look at the best memes making József Szájer’s exit immortal on the internet, from the Polish artist skoQ to the Ryanair Twitter account.

Hungarian conservative MEP, József Szájer was busted in an illegal gang-bang in Brussels as he tried to escape through a gutter. Subsequently, police found drugs on him. 

Obviously, news about the conservative, married politician travelled the internet very fast. American and British newspapers were quick to pick up the story. International illustrators and social media users were also keen to commemorate the incident.

József Szájer (59) is a conservative politician, preaching Christian values. He was an appointed Member of the European Parliament. He is also one of the founding fathers of the ruling party Fidesz, a party strictly opposed to LMBTQ+ rights. 

On the 27th November, Friday, Szájer was reportedly taking part in a gang-bang in Brussels. Brussels, in the lockdown. In Belgium, a strict curfew is in effect. Some media outlets say more than 20 men were taking part in the homosexual orgy. However, the number of participants and the rate of the sexes is unclear.

Police caught Szájer as he was climbing down a gutter, thus injuring himself. He pled diplomatic immunity. Policemen searched him nevertheless and found ecstasy in his backpack. 

He resigned the next day from the EP and later from Fidesz.

Fidesz and Viktor Orbán have barely commented on the news. Some party-members stated that Szájer did the right thing with resigning from the EP and Fidesz.

“He’s a fallible man. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” – a fellow Fidesz member, Balász Hídvégi stated.

József Szájer is the third member of Orbán’s party to be involved in a sex scandal. Last summer, an anonymous blogger leaked a videotape showing Gábor Borkai. It shows the Mayor of a big city having a drug-fueled gangbang with prostitutes on a yacht. Earlier this year, police arrested Gábor Kaleta, the former MFA spokesman and Ambassador to Peru for child porn.

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Eraszcsatorna meaning gutter.

@inhungarywesay on Twitter.

‘Brüsszeli összejövetel’ meaning get-together in Brussels.

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