In anticipation of the April 2021 constitutional convention election expected to influence the drafting of a new constitution, the Chilean far-right is mobilising efforts to convene right-wing parties to weigh in on constitution talks.

After a failed attempt to reject a new constitution through the #YoRechazoPorChile (I reject for Chile) campaign, José Antonio Kast, president of far-right party El Partido Republicano issued an ultimatum to right-wing parties in a letter sent on Monday 2 November to form a single list of candidates.

In the letter, Kast expressed that consolidating efforts with right-wing coalition Vamos Chile amplifies right-wing representation and values in the drafting of the constitution. However, this is only possible by ensuring a majority among elected delegates for the constitutional convention. 

Elections will be held in April 2021 to choose the delegates of the constitutional convention. In 2022, Chileans are scheduled to approve or reject the new constitution. 

Antonio Barchiesi, El Partido Republicano’s secretary general, says that, despite their failure at rejecting a new constitution, the party must be at the constitutional convention’s negotiation table to represent their view. 

“Do we think the constitutional convention is a bad thing? Without the shadow of a doubt. But we must be there, because if we don’t, it will be even worse.”

Patricio Navia, Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Centre for Latin American Studies at New York University, believes that Chile Vamos won’t bother answering the ultimatum as the vote is still two months away. 

“[Chile Vamos] won’t respond any time soon because it’s an empty threat. […] What José Antonio Katz did was shooting with a bullet-free gun. Nothing is expected to happen for now.”

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