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City life can be hectic, and sometimes we need relaxing places to escape and de-stress. 

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, you are definitely not the only one. According to Mental Health UK statistics, 74% of us do. The figures get worse if you are between the age of 18 and 24 or if you just moved to a new city

Often what you need is time for yourself. In this article, we suggest you seven free relaxing places in London where you can let your mind breathe. From museums to cemeteries, there is an option for everybody and every weather.

1. Dalston Eastern Curve Gardens

An eco-friendly oasis where you can enjoy a calming atmosphere. You can grab a coffee or just read a good book in their cosy sofas.

relaxing places in Dalston
Dalton Eastern Curve Garden / Image: Cristina Carrasco

2. Tate Modern Museum

Free your mind and enjoy art from all over the world. This museum is usually not very crowded, and its open spaces will allow you to enjoy a peaceful day.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern Museum / Image: Cristina Carrasco

3. Canada Water Library

This modern but welcoming library is the perfect escape during a rainy day. De-stress amongst their fantastic selection of books overlooking a lovely view.

 Canada Water Library
Canada Water Library / Image: Cristina Carrasco

4. Bethnal Green Nature Reserve:

This rare but extraordinary place is an artist-led project where you can enjoy and harvest beautiful and medicinal plants. Now, open exceptionally every Sunday from 3-6 pm.

relaxing places in Bethnal Green
Phytology at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve / Image: Bethnal Green Natural Reserve 

5. Words on Water: 

There is something soothing about books. This unusual bookshop is the perfect spot to escape a crazy day. Spend as much time as you need wandering around in this little boat in the canals.

Words on Water
Words on Water bookshop / Image: Cristina Carrasco

6. Brompton cemetery:

A cemetery may sound strange, but this secluded space has beautiful scenery and is perfect for walking around after an exhausting day.

relaxing places in Brompton
Brompton Cemetery / Image: Cristina Carrasco

7. Hampstead:

Get lost in the picturesque streets, little shops and cafes of this neighbourhood. Don’t forget to go check the vintage market in Flask Walk, as well as in Hampstead Heath park to explore, read, meditate or even swim in the lake.

relaxing places in Hampstead
Hampstead / Image: Cristina Carrasco

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