Germans in London

Being an avid world traveller, I can testify to the fact that Germans are everywhere! We roam the world as if it’s our back garden, tending to some exotic travel destinations as we would to our flowers. Every now and then, we even grow roots and settle down. But that brings its own unique challenges. Adjusting to new soil and – more importantly – new weather conditions as Germans in London can be tricky. So, if you are one of those people who are ready to find a new flower bed in London, here is some advice:

Germans in London: Bring a jumper!
Photo by Lena Bathge

Insulation – Why you need a woollen jumper in your suitcase!

Have you ticked off every last item on your pack list? Wait a minute! As a German in London you will soon learn that the times of warmth and cosiness are over. Many houses in the English capital lack proper insulation. Come October, they are going to be cold and draughty with the wind whistling in through every nook and cranny. That’s why you want to add that thick woollen jumper to your luggage, the granny socks as well, maybe even some thermal underwear. Fine, the last item may not be justified, but you’ve been warned!

Germans in London love bread
Photo by Lena Bathge

Germans in London want … bread, bread, more bread!

No other nation is as particular about their bread as the Germans. That might be a gross generalisation, but it bears some truths. We do have more than 200 different kinds of bread, after all. Hence why you may find yourself shocked when you visit a supermarket in London and find… Well, something that can only be described as toast. Limp, tasteless, hardly any seeds. But fear not, not even in the times of Coronavirus. The German Deli continues to deliver all sorts of German goods to your doorstep. The Fine Schmecker is a German baker who usually sells in London markets, but will now bring Pretzels and Bienenstich to your home. Help support these local businesses!


Germans in London- Easy Recycling
Photo by Lena Bathge

Recycling: Germans in London, let go of your fears!

As a German, I have a deeply ingrained fear of throwing my trash into the wrong bin. There’s blue for paper, green for all things bio-degradable, yellow for tins and cans, and finally, black for everything else. Also, let’s not forget about returning plastic bottles to the supermarket and glass to the bottle bank. German garbage collectors are famous for leaving our trash bags behind if we recycled wrong. During my first few months in London, I constantly found myself looking over my shoulder when throwing a plastic bottle into the recycling bin. It just felt wrong! It is now half a year later and I have finally come to accept that yes, it is as shockingly simple as it looks. All items I would have usually recycled in typical colour-coordinated fashion in Germany, happily throw a party in just one bin in England – all together!

Keep an eye out for How to: Germans in London – Part 2. In the meantime, stay safe, put milk in your tea and stand on the right!



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