London Capital

London, New York, Milan, Paris: The most influent capitals of the fashion industry.


London, the second worldwide capital of fashion, influence and gather Haute Couture clothes and commercial brands.

Every year, the capital is welcoming brands from all over the world during events, for around £202 million for them to showcase new collections and have more visibility.

Their doors are open to international stylists, buyers, designers and models, with million streams online for the public.


Consequently, commercial brands often used the mass production practice to sell at a worldwide extent and to attract a broader audience.

However, certain smaller companies are only designed for a specific audience. Some creators still make their brands unique and different from others by narrowing their scope to particular clients.


Marco Castelli, Italian model and entrepreneur.

Founder of his MarcoCastelli Collection, he has developed his own sustainable and eco-friendly clothes brand and is presenting them in various countries for a short period of time. Special locations of various cities are temporarily welcoming his brand. Among them, Paris, Milan, London, Doha…



Indeed, Castelli is a model who is working for international brands like Bentley, Breitling, Chanel, Dsquared2, Cartier, to quote few. He calls himself a talent guy and is working in “different sectors to communicate, design, image and create”.



Therefore, affordability and accessibility are key for his start-up.

Through the year, Marco Castelli is collecting around 30 unique pieces and sells it to niche. “Because my customers need to be with me, I sell few pieces to big artists, singers, it could be royal family from Qatar or a king.” It has to be exclusive.

Castelli's Clothes (4 outfits)


London, capital of fashion, is the future for clothing brands’ businesses because style, competitors and products’ quality are at a high level nowadays. That is to say, newness is allowing people being more involved and implicated in the quest of perfection.

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