Vivid, chaotic, exciting, fun, noisy and bold, these are only a few of the adjectives that come into mind when describing London.

People from all over the world are drawn to this magical city where the rain is a staple and the tea is more popular than water.

Quiet areas in the city are a rare commodity and if you are not a local, they tend to be quite hard to spot as they are often not advertised in touristic guides.

Here is a list of 5 parks in London to go chill and detach yourself from the world:

  1. Postman’s Park:

Located a short walk from the Barbican Theatre on King Edward Street, this nice and quiet park represents the perfect spot to go visit while strolling around the city.

This tiny piece of greenery is perfect to enjoy while reading a book, sitting on one of the benches, or to simply walk around.


  1. Regents Park:

This calm and fabulous park, located just a short walk from Baker Street Station, is one of the best spots in town to go and pretend you’re not in a city populated by 8 million people anymore.

Once you enter the park, which is fool of trees and flowers, it will literally feel like you moved to a small town somewhere else in the UK.


  1. Richmond Park:

Richmond Park, located in South West London is the greatest urban park in the city.

With a total of 2500 acres, the park is so big you cannot believe it is located just a 30 minutes journey from Central.

This location is not just a place to go feel a connection with nature, the most famous inhabitants of the park are the deer that regularly roam the area.

  1. Greenwich Park:

This park, in South East London, is one of the oldest natural parks established in the capital back in 1433.

Located just a short walk from the University of Greenwich and the river Thames, the area is full of nice and cosy places to go grab a nice cup of coffee on a rainy day.

The park is also the location of the worldwide famous homonym observatory where the meridian zero passes.

  1. Holland Park:

Holland Park is one of my favourite spots to visit on a sunny day when I want to get away from the busyness of the city.

The area is characterised by Japanese inspired statues, a pond filled with coy fishes and several plants and trees commonly found in the part of the world.

It makes you really feel like you are far away from the UK.

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