For many of us, travelling is our passion, hobby, and lifestyle. The isolation period has forced us to stay at home, but that shouldn’t stop us from seeking travel inspiration. There are many ways to fight off your wanderlust, and keep your travelling spirit alive! Here are some useful tips:

Watch travel vlogs

Travel vlog

When the going gets tough, you can always rely on YouTube to save the day. With hundreds of travel vlogs to watch, you will discover breath-taking countries and locations that you never knew existed, so be sure to take some notes! Some of the best travel channels on YouTube include Kara and Nate, FunForLouis, and LostLeblanc.

Use Pinterest


Pinterest is often used for inspiration, and it’s the perfect website to plan your dream trip. Create a dream board, and Pin all the photos of places you want to visit, travel outfits you wish to wear, and traditional food you want to try!

Learn a new language

New language

Take advantage of the isolation period by learning a new language. This will be useful when you can travel again, and you will undoubtedly impress many people. Duolingo is an app that teaches 94 different languages online, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

Read travel blogs

Woman reading blog

Reading a detailed travel blog post will transport you to another country, which is exactly what you need right now. Just by reading about someone else’s trip, you can feel like you’re in the journey with them. The biggest travel blogs include Nomadic Matt, Dan Flying Solo, and The Blog Abroad. Trust these to give you some travel inspo!

Plan your next journey

Planning holiday

Planning your next trip can be almost therapeutic. Right now, you have plenty of time to do research, to check out routes and cheap flights on Skyscanner, and to save your favourite Airbnb places. Grab a pen and notebook, and write a list of the countries you want to visit, the fun activities you plan to do, and everything in between. Planning a trip is never boring!

One thought on “How to cure your wanderlust during coronavirus isolation”

  1. Love this form of info sharing, it’s so concise! Too many articles out there that just waffle on. It’s tedious to sift have to through it all to find the point!
    I’ve definitely been wanting to learn a new language and maybe improve the ones I do know!

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