Ayurveda inspired ice cream from Moonji

Londoner Abi grew up in a household fueled with spices and superfoods. One degree in physics and a gap-year later, she found herself yearning to reconnect with her North-Indian heritage. That’s when she fell in love with Ayurveda : a 5 000 years old holistic approach to health which focuses on balancing body, mind and spirit. 

Abi holding her Moonji ice cream
Abi holding her Matcha flavoured tub

Mixing Ayurvedic spices with a modern comfort-food classic, Abi launched her plant-based ice-cream brand: Moonji. Her matcha, chai and golden turmeric scoops are sold at Farmacy and Fortnum and Mason’s. For our wellbeing in lockdown in series, Abi shares three Ayurvedic-inspired well-being tips


“Breathing is free, it doesn’t cost anything – sometimes it’s the simplest things,” says Abi. She recommends practicing the alternating nostril technique before eating, meetings or any form of (virtual) public speaking.

This breathing technique comes from Ayurveda and helps wellbeing

The exercise comes from ashtanga yoga. It’s simple but powerful. Our breath regulates our parasympathetic systems, which controls stress. Studies have linked the technique to improvements in cardiorespiratory  and pulmonary functions.“It just really grounds you and brings that space between your thoughts,” says Abi.


Have you heard of Zoom fatigue ? Western science has linked digital exposure to weakened energy levels. 

According to Ayurveda, our Vata (the air element inside us) is drained by exposure to digital stimulation. Hydration is key to balance it.

Hydration is a great way to improve wellbeing in lockdown
Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash

As the pandemic got us glued to our screens, Abi offers a modern take on the Ushapan morning ritual. Having a large glass of warm water with lemon after waking up is energising.


“Everyone’s different and we’ve all got these very unique sets of characteristics so depending on your body type (your dosha), what might be a good diet for you is not necessarily a good diet for everybody.”

The three Ayurvedic doshas are based on the elements: fire, water, earth, air and space.  Ayurveda is all about eating food that balances those elements within. There are a ton of quizzes online to find out your Dosha type.

“Spices are heating, so they’re a way to fuel the digestive fire in our gut,” says Abi. That’s why, cold foods aren’t typically recommended in Ayurveda. Adding spices to the frozen snack was a fun way for Abi to make them Ayurvedic compatible. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re delicious!

Ayurveda spices make Abi's flavours unique

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