Looking after your mental health can be tricky!

Not everyone has been lucky enough to travel back to their homes during this pandemic and some lack the virtue of feeling safe despite being with their families. While taking self-isolation measures against Covid-19, it is important to not let your mental health take a backseat.

Without much ado, I would like to take you through a few tips that will help you feel good about yourself & life during this period.

Limiting News Intake:  Reports of rise in infections & death tolls on a per day basis can be overwhelming. It is important to stay updated but not essential. Taking a break from the Corona-buzz for some time can have a significant positive impact on your mental health, helping you appreciate your  surroundings more.

Stick to a routine: We know how coronavirus has tossed away our gym subscriptions. But, it is important to maintain normalcy from our previous lifestyles. If you were used to of going to the gym before office, try to workout at home at the same time. Refrain from sleeping late & avoid being sedentary. A fixed routine will help give you a sense of control over your life.

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Mindful Browsing:  Practicing meditation & other mindfulness exercises come as a big relief to those anxiety triggers. Following some meditation influencers on Instagram will not only improve your mental health but also encourage you to browse positive content on social media.

Vision Board:  It is important to have dreams & keep working towards them in such grim times. Creating a colorful vision board and placing it in front of our eyes help us manifest our future goals & make us look forward to life after quarantine.

Lastly, remember that you are not alone. Do not hesitate in asking for help! You can call on helplines recommended by NHS,if you need a professional to speak to you.

We all are together in this fight!






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