While practicing stay-in-place for the next few weeks, you may be looking for at-home workouts and workout equipment. You may worry that you’ll lose your muscle tone or you want to use this time to start working out. Either way, there is plenty of opportunities to workout from the comfort of your home. 

From resistance bands to dumbbells, fitness trainers across the world are posting at-home workouts on their instagram accounts.

Click on their names to see their workouts! 

Kayla Itsines:                               Linn Lowes:                         Alexia Clark:


Ashley Cheatham, receiving a BS in exercise science, says: “with low weight you can increase your repetitions (14-20) and target muscular endurance. […] You can emphasize bodyweight exercises but incorporate low weight increase resistance.”

Therefore, getting the right workout equipment is as easy as adding them to your weekly grocery list. 

So here is a list of one KG kitchen essentials that can be added to your workout regime. These low KG can be added together for higher weight using a canvas bag or a pillowcase. Click on the groceries to easily add each to your cart. 

One KG 

One litre of milk is just over one KG! 

For an added workout, try two litres! 



Duchy Carrots package 

Charlotte Potatoes package

Onions (approx. 7) 

Courgettes (approx. 5) 

Leeks (approx. 5) 

Parsnips (approx. 5) 

Essential Waitrose Red Onions (approx. 5) 



Red Peppers (approx. 6) 

Bramley Cooking Apples (approx. 4)

Seedless Easy Peelers Sweet Mandarins package

Conference Pears (approx. 5) 

Braeburn Apples (approx. 5) 

Essential Waitrose Berries  package


Milk may be the best options with built-in handles. Waitrose offers a variety of one litre milk options for different dietary needs including whole, skimmed, lactofree, oat, soya, and almond milk. For more information on the milk options based on dietary needs, check out Waitrose’s Dairy Section. 

All of the items listed above can purchased online at waitrose.com for ease of receiving the products without evening leaving your home.

Enjoy your workout! 

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