Lockdown and social isolation provided the perfect recipe for discovering new hobbies and skills. Hungry to pass the time, many took up baking as a method of mindfulness, but will this continue post-pandemic?

Mental Health in the Pandemic

The 12th of April glimmers ahead; a light at the end of the tunnel named “Lockdown Number Three”. Whilst we hope to draw the curtains on this chapter, the mental effects of being trapped in doors can’t so easily be left behind.

The UK government has released a new mental health recovery plan, addressing “feelings of worry, distress or loneliness” triggered by the virus itself and measures to contain its spread.


A survey of 2,000 adults discovered that around 80% have indulged in a new hobby since the pandemic begun, some even turning these newfound pastimes into a source of income.

But, as our lives sit precariously on the cusp of normality, will our newly discovered hobbies venture with us post-pandemic?

Baking for Mindfulness

A google trend analysis revealed the past year has seen baking recipe searches at record highs, and baking was recorded as the sixth most popular new hobby of those surveyed.

Valerie Van Galder, CEO of The Depressed Cake Shop, describes the benefit of baking:

“It’s having a beginning, a middle and an end of a process you’re in control of. Hobbies give another outlet to our lives other than just obligation.”

One of those switching on her oven to raise spirits is Marie Jacquemin. She took up baking, and was surprised to discover its therapeutic ability.

“It was a challenge, a hobby and a good way to keep my mind occupied. It takes your mind off of things, and it was definitely a way for me to therapize myself during lockdown.”

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