We’re living in ‘unprecedented times’, as every news headline likes to remind us. And social codes are shifting.

One unintended consequence: drinking alone at home – even during the day- is now legit!

Ok, perhaps not entirely true. Stress-drinking is a slippery slope. And, Hemingway excluded, daytime intoxication rarely ups productivity levels.

Nonetheless, Covid-19 has undoubtedly shifted narratives around alcohol consumption.

As a socially responsible citizen, drinking alone is just par for the course.

And restricted to our homes, with workloads dwindling for many, plus more reason than ever to crave a moment of escapism, the hour at which it feels acceptable to indulge in a drop of alcohol –purchased from the ‘essential’ liquor store- is creeping forwards.

So, without further ado, here are five easy-to-make daytime tipples:

1.) Irish coffee

Days are now divided by coffee and alcohol hours, there is no other law”, remarked writer Emily Murnane last week.

It’s true, in the confines of isolation, old measures of time have lost some meaning. Yet why create an arbitrary coffee-alcohol boundary! Instead, seek inspiration from the Irish.

Irish Coffee requires all but three ingredients—cream, coffee and whiskey. Add some brown sugar if you’re feeling especially decadent.


2.) Mimosa

The Mimosa: dismissed by Men’s mag Esquire as only a viable option for ‘Ladies who Lunch’.

Seems a little outdated… some ladies prefer brunch!

Mimosas are an ideal weekend brunch treat. Perhaps enjoyed in synchronised sips -or swigs- over Zoom.

They’re a breeze to make too. All you need is orange juice and Champagne (or Cava is a more furlough-friendly alternative…)


3.) Bloody Mary

A daytime classic.

You can find a good recipe here. Though you might want to forgo the horseradish sauce – a divisive additional ingredient.

A good preliminary test: are you an ‘OJ with bits’ fan OR ‘Tropicana Smooth’ every time?

Horseradish certainly adds a kick but it does create a slightly odd, bitty texture.

Tabasco, on the another hand, is essential!


4.) Gin & Tonic

A simple and versatile drink. No recipe needed.

Fresh mint and black pepper are both nice touches.

Or for a spicy- albeit unorthodox – twist, add some fresh, grated ginger.


5.) Aperol Spritz

(Straw not advised!)

Last but not least…the Aperol Spritz, a much-admired daytime drink.

And if we’re still locked up inside come June, put your freezer to good use and make some Aperol Spritz ice lollies.


(Any quarantine drinks to add to this list? Comment with your suggestions below!)

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tipples to Get You Through Quarantine”

  1. I’ve always regarded Bloody Marys as a classic daytime drink but would regard Lea & Perrins rather than Tabasco as the essential extra!

  2. Is Mimosa the same as Buck’s Fizz? Another option along these lines is a Bellini (if you can get hold of peach juice).

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