Alice Potts has always enjoyed exercise and the impact it has on the body. This fascination was taken to new limits, however, with her ‘perspiration art’. Yes, that’s correct, she recycles one of the bodies most natural resources…sweat. “Sweat is just so cool! If I had your sweat I could identify you. I can tell exactly what you’ve eaten that day, what your sugar levels are, how much alcohol you’ve had,” Alice tells me. It’s a fascinating topic, albeit an unusual one. Other’s are in agreement, with Alice’s art featuring in numerous top galleries and magazines such as Vogue. They have described her work as a truly unique take on how to achieve sustainability when designing fashion products.
Alice's biodegradable material is often used for fashion shows (photo by Alice Potts)
(photo by Alice Potts)
“So many of us have lost the ability to connect with our environment,” Alice says. “I like to think my work helps us rethink just how amazing our bodies are. To show what we can use without depending on superficial products.” Alice’s recent eco-friendly work has included biodegradable face-masks made from food waste and sweat-crystallised shoes. She admits the pandemic has reduced her output though. “I was scared as I thought I might crystallise Covid. In 100 years’ time, somebody might break the crystal and Covid would come back – it would be like Jurassic Park!” Alice hopes that one day, sustainability in the fasion industry can be achieved. “I think making people choke on the negatives surrounding lack of sustainability will not bring about environmental change. I prefer to remind people how cool and amazing the natural world really is. The body has so much to offer and for us to play with,” she concludes.
A perspiration top (Alice Potts photography)

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