Four TikTok journalists

If you’re a journalist who’s not on TikTok already, here’s the low-down: you’ll find stories that resonate with young social media addicts who can make your coverage go viral.

Its seemingly irrelevant 1-minute (or less) videos rack up millions of views and even likes, meaning there’s a hefty (global) demographic that could become your readers. It’s all brought to you by:

TikTok’s hypersensitive algorithm. It controls your “For You” page (FYP), which automatically plays once you tap in. Train the algorithm by liking, searching and bookmarking videos. It’ll learn what to recommend.

What’s trending. Although Time is a Construct™ on TikTok (i.e. there’s no timestamps on your FYP), the Discover page shows you what people care about, special days, popular challenges, etc. Pull content from that bank of hashtags for a TV package. Listen for popular sounds to go in a radio report.

“But TikTok’s not a hype that’ll stick!”

Well, TikTok’s fame is two-years-old now but it’s still quite the hype. And as multimedia expert Corinne Podger explains, its storytelling style has undeniably “influenced content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and in TV advertising”.

“This is a chance to get in relatively early on a new approach to making videos.”

Besides, 200,000 followers would be a pretty good way of showing ✨leadership potential✨.

Not convinced? You’ll get ? that ? coin ? through TikTok.

Help your young audience “build trust and loyalty to news brands”. They’re “more likely to take out a paid subscription to those brands” as adults, Corinne says.

Get on #journotok by following the accounts on Telegraph journalist Francesco Zaffarano’s list. Scared to dive in? Follow Corinne’s seven tips to get creating.

But remember…

Post evergreen content: explainers, behind-the-screens vlogs, stitch/duet-friendly challenges. Corinne’s advice? Post “a ‘wrap’ of a story, rather than incremental updates to a fast-moving issue”.

Your audience in Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Armenia—wherever else TikTok makes its enemies. Always share your content beyond the app.

Images composed of screenshots from the TikToks of @sophiasmithgaler, @corinnepodger, @soyouwanttobeajournalist and @washingtonpost. Edited by Evianne Suen.

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