Multiple lockdowns generate the need for a space as Clubhouse but what about factchecking?
 New app Clubhouse becomes free speech haven by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0

Clubhouse is a live broadcasting platform which gives to users the responsibility over factchecking. Rooms’ moderators can add or remove other speakers.

Who moderate the rooms on Clubhouse?

However, moderation on social network goes beyond adding or blocking users; it is about setting community policies. If Clubhouse presumes its users to moderate, then It must provide more advanced tools.

The app saves the recording of all conversations for 48 hours. If someone, during or after the session, reports something inappropriate, Clubhouse can sanctions users.

Nonetheless, messages spread further than sanctions. The removal of hate speech is not the only appropriate answer.

“They have already repeated it to their audience, and if you tune into five or 10 or 12 different rooms where you hear that same falsehood, it’ll stick to your head a lot more. It makes it really hard to monitor these spaces”, says Laura García, First Draft’s Training and Education manager.

Fact-checkers highlights how Clubhouse should ensure trainings for moderators and implement cultural norms for fruitful conversations.

What makes Clubhouse particularly challenging for Factchecking?

 Clubhouse – wildly popular audio chat app by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0
  • With Twitter there are ways of automatically capturing someone’s tweet. TweetAttacksPro and Snagit, allows fact-checkers to automatically have a copy of their targets’ tweets in an excel spreadsheet.

“That would prove that the content had gone out regardless of whether my targets later decided that the content was horrifically racist and delete the post five minutes later”, García says.

  • Additionally, triggers by word, is a well-established technique for Facebook and Twitter. Whenever people post something, if the post had a specific set of keywords, fact-checkers can archive big scale data . They can later analyse whether these posts contain fake-news or hate-speech.
TweetAttacksPro and the way it catches automatically tweets of people fact-checkers target

“ We have very few tools that help us do that kind of stuff for sound, which complicates the monitoring job on clubhouse”, García highlights.

At the moment, fact-checkers are trying to follow rooms with names that might spread fake-news or hate-speech. However, they would have to simultaneously be listening in a variety of rooms to know what is going on.

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