As the pandemic continues many restaurants across the country struggle to recover with the various restrictions in place. Despite this, a few restaurants are now enjoying the benefits of going viral on social media platforms such as TikTok.

The social media app, which has risen in popularity over the past year, showcases different content that appeals to a wide audience. One particular area that grabs the attention of many is the food-related content. This is especially the case with aesthetically appealing restaurants and foods around various big cities like London.

Amy Charlton, a food enthusiast, confirms this “I’ve had TikTok since lockdown. The food locations that look most ‘instaworthy’ always appeal to me.”

“I’ve visited a few places and…I find Tiktok so helpful especially since I just moved to London. I love food and finding places that are actually good are hard” She adds.

Charlton is not the only one that thinks this, as many of these food businesses have long queues outside their door, consisting of people predominantly from generation Z. This according to Forbes refers to users born after 1996 and consist of 60% of Tiktok users.

One of these infamous places is Busi café, which has gone viral for its aesthetic interior and picture worthy drinks.

In fact, Busi café co-founder, Anna Guseynov shares “Our customer count has gone up by nearly 50%, since a video with our drink got popular, and especially in the first few weeks where we had a long cue outside”.

“Some of the videos which customers have shown me even have a million views. Social media has now become our main marketing element as that also helps with people talking about us. The popularity has really helped our small business during this pandemic even though we just set it up about three months ago” Guseynov concludes.

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